Our Environment

The Group has continued its efforts to improve the environmental performance of its operations. Our focus continues to be on the key areas of energy efficiency, waste reduction and reducing the impacts of our vehicles and transport operations. We have an Energy Management Policy in place to support the reduction of the Group’s energy use where practical and consistent with the operational needs of the business.

Electricity use is a key component of the Group’s CO2 emissions. Significant reductions in electricity useage have been achieved and we continue to roll out low energy lighting schemes. Additionally, we use automated meters to monitor and investigate usage of both gas and electricity.

Our customer distribution centres are all equipped with balers to facilitate the recycling of both cardboard and polythene used in packaging materials and we continue to look at ways to reduce our use of these materials.

The growth in the Group has increased the number of customer deliveries being made. In addition to investing in telemetry systems for our distribution fleet, we also launched a #Drivewise initiative during the year which promotes techniques for safer and more fuel-efficient driving. All our drivers receive regular feedback via the telemetry system and use Workplace to share tips and knowledge.

Company car CO2: 100g/km

We have also achieved further improvements in the CO2 performance of our company car fleet which at an average of 100g/km (FY17: 103g/km) is 18% below the UK national average for new registrations.

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DFS is committed to responsible sourcing, and our long-term aim is to ensure the timber and timber products in our furniture originate from well managed forests and recycled sources certified to credible certification standards, especially FSC® and PEFC certification. We are engaging actively with our suppliers to implement a robust verification programme for timber and timber products sourcing – to trace the timber and timber products used and bought to ensure legality and sustainability.

We have longstanding relationships with our upholstery suppliers and close contact with them is maintained through frequent visits by our operational and senior management. DFS has led the industry in establishing quality level agreements with all suppliers; these set targets for ways of working and service outcomes together with a dedicated forum for working in partnership with suppliers to monitor and improve performance, including compliance with our ethical trading requirements.